Transforming the Digital Presence of a Leading Membership Association

Background: A prominent national membership association faced significant challenges with its outdated website. The site suffered from a lack of design appeal, minimal interactive features, extensive complaints from members and the board, and an inflexible structure that hindered growth and expansion. Members struggled to access resources efficiently, leading to decreased engagement and satisfaction.

Objective: The association aimed to overhaul its digital presence with a new website that was built on a more flexible content management system, visually appealing, user-friendly, and capable of seamless integration with its Association Management System (AMS) for streamlined data management and enhanced member services.

Solution: Partnering with Etchasoft and relying on their 20+ years of membership association web design experience, the association embarked on a comprehensive website redesign project. The association web development team appreciated Etchasoft approach to challenging the status quo and the probing “use-case” type questions during the process.  The new site focused on:

  • Engaging Design: Implementing a modern, visually appealing design that captures members’ interest and encourages deeper engagement.
  • Interactive Features: Introducing interactive elements such as resource access tools, videos, quick links and event & education promotion.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Integrating SSO functionality to simplify access to various resources, enhancing the experience for both members and staff.
  • AMS Integration: Seamlessly connecting the website with the organization’s AMS, enabling a single point of data entry for managing products, events, education, and other resources. This integration allowed for efficient content sharing across the platform, streamlining marketing efforts and data management.

Results: The launch of the new website marked a significant turning point for the association. Members now enjoy quick and easy access to resources, improved interaction with the community, and a more engaging online experience. The integration with the AMS has significantly reduced administrative burdens, allowing for more focused efforts on member services and growth strategies. The association has seen a notable increase in member satisfaction, engagement, and retention, positioning it for continued success in its mission.

Conclusion: This transformation exemplifies the power of strategic digital innovation in enhancing member value and organizational growth. The association’s commitment to improving its digital footprint has set a new standard for membership organizations aiming to thrive in the digital age.