Life Cycle Development from Website to Custom Databases and Systems

Client Overview: An international trade association faced the challenge of modernizing its digital infrastructure within a constrained budget. Initially requiring a new website, the association’s vision extended to include a comprehensive suite of online services, including a member database, online education, dues management, event registration, and certification tracking.

Challenge: With limited financial resources for the initial development phase, the association needed a development partner who could not only create a robust website but also support the association’s growth with scalable solutions for future needs.

Solution: Etchasoft emerged as the ideal partner, proposing a flexible content management system (CMS) that could serve as a foundational platform for the association’s evolving requirements. This CMS was chosen for its cost-effectiveness and ability to integrate various functionalities over time.

Etchasoft’s strategy involved:

  • Initial Website Development: Launching a user-friendly, informative website that served as the association’s digital hub.
  • Phased Implementation Plan: Collaboratively mapping out annual development goals and budgets to gradually introduce new features.>
  • Custom Tool Integration: Utilizing Etchasoft’s pre-developed tools for associations to add functionalities like a member database, e-learning system, online store, and learning management features.

Results: Over several years, the association’s digital platform transformed into a comprehensive system that supports all aspects of its operations:

  • Comprehensive Member Database: A centralized database tracks all member companies and their employees, enhancing member management and engagement.
  • E-Learning System: An integrated online education platform offers continuous learning opportunities, including a unique management feature for companies to assign and track courses for employees.
  • Online Store and Dues Management: A seamless transaction system for dues, event registration, and merchandise, supporting the association’s financial sustainability.
  • Incremental Development: Each year, the association and Etchasoft review and prioritize new features, ensuring the system remains responsive to the association’s evolving needs.

Conclusion: The partnership with Etchasoft has enabled the international trade association to strategically develop its digital presence and operational capabilities within budget constraints. This phased, goal-oriented approach has not only met the association’s immediate needs but also laid the groundwork for ongoing expansion and enhancement of its digital ecosystem. The association now boasts a dynamic, integrated platform that supports its mission, serves its members, and facilitates growth and engagement on a global scale.