Enhancing Member Engagement and Functionality for a Professional Association

Background: A professional medical association embarked on a significant digital transformation by implementing a new, enterprise level Association Management System (AMS) to streamline operations and member management. However, the AMS lacked website content management functionality, creating a gap in the association’s ability to offer a comprehensive digital experience for its members and staff. Additionally, the association sought to enhance its website with features to promote their members and other professional opportunities that support the industry, which the AMS could not provide in a cost-effective manner.

Challenge: The association needed a partner and solution that could integrate seamlessly with the new AMS, providing an enriched user experience for members, staff, and content sharing. They also required specialized website functionalities to effectively market their members and professional opportunities, alongside creating social areas for their board, committees, and ad-hoc work groups.

Solution: Etchasoft, known for its expertise in AMS integration and web development, was contracted to bridge this gap. Leveraging their existing solutions, Etchasoft was able to offer a cost-effective, enhanced website content management system (CMS)that the AMS system alone could not provide. The CMS implemented by Etchasoft included:

  • Seamless AMS Integration: Ensuring that members and staff could easily access and manage information.
  • Promotional Tools: Innovative features to promote members and professional opportunities, enhancing visibility and engagement.
  • Social Areas: Dedicated spaces for the board, committees, and ad-hoc groups to collaborate and communicate effectively.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An integrated UI that was intuitive for members to navigate, enhancing the overall user experience without incurring additional costs.

Results The solution implemented by Etchasoft’s transformed the association’s digital presence. Members now enjoy a seamless, integrated experience that aligns with the association’s mission to provide value and opportunities. The enhanced marketing functionalities have significantly increased the visibility of members, available internships and revenue leading to greater engagement and participation. The social areas have fostered a sense of community and collaboration among the association’s various groups, contributing to a more vibrant and active organization.

Conclusion This case study demonstrates the importance of selecting the right technology partner to complement and enhance existing systems. By choosing Etchasoft, the association not only filled the functionality gap left by their AMS but also added valuable features that improved the overall member experience and engagement, all within a cost-effective framework that is readily available for expansion. This strategic approach to digital transformation has set the association on a path to continued growth and success.