Association Augments Staff with Technical Experts to Save Staff Frustration and Time

Client Overview: A leading national association with a vast membership base faced significant digital hurdles. Their website, a crucial hub for resources, events, and educational programs, was not meeting the needs of their members due to outdated design, inefficient content management, and lack of modern functionality. The organization did not have the technical resources on staff to support such needs and the staff was frustrated by wanting to get things completed while not having the technical expertise or experience it required.

Client Challenges:

  1. Website Updates and Formatting: The association struggled with keeping the website current and visually appealing. Content updates were cumbersome, and new pages lacked professional design and formatting as the staff just did not have the knowledge or experience to handle such work. It was frustrating for staff, impacting the site’s overall effectiveness as well as limiting the staff’s overall workload.
  2. Programming Needs: Custom programming was often required to introduce new features or enhance functionality, but the association lacked the internal capabilities to implement these improvements.
  3. Site Design Issues: The website’s outdated design failed to provide an engaging user experience or align with modern web trends, detracting from member engagement.
  4. Reporting and Data Updates: The association needed a more effective way to manage and report on member data and engagement, as existing systems were disjointed and inefficient.

Client Challenges:

  1. Ongoing Website Maintenance: Etchasoft dedicated a team to manage routine updates, ensuring the website remained current and informative, enhancing the site’s look and feel through professional layouts and formatting.
  2. Custom Programming Support: Etchasoft provided on-demand programming services, allowing the association to bring innovative ideas to fruition without overburdening internal staff.
  3. Redesigned User-Friendly Website: A comprehensive audit led to a redesigned website that was modern, responsive, and user-friendly, significantly improving the member experience.
  4. Reporting and Data Management: Etchasoft implemented a robust reporting system and streamlined data management processes, enabling the association to track engagement and maintain an accurate member database effectively.
  5. Proactive Technical Support: With experience building and supporting websites and data systems for many associations, Etchasoft is able to listen to the ideas from the association staff and turn them into functional areas on the website.

The partnership with Etchasoft transformed the association’s digital presence:

  • Reduced Staff Frustration: The new arrangement allows staff to work directly with Etchasoft to share ideas, review concepts and get new content and features added to the website. Additionally, the association staff is able to focus more on higher value member benefit tasks and functions.
  • Enhanced Member Engagement: The redesigned website and improved functionality led to a noticeable increase in member satisfaction and engagement.
  • Efficient Data Management: The association now benefits from streamlined data processes, allowing for more personalized and effective member communication.
  • Streamlined Reporting: Access to detailed engagement and activity reports has empowered the association to make data-driven decisions and improve member services.
  • Reduced Technical Downtime: Proactive support and maintenance have significantly reduced website issues, ensuring a consistent and reliable digital experience for members.
  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing to Etchasoft proved more economical and effective than expanding internal IT resources, allowing the association to allocate funds to other member-focused initiatives.

The national association’s decision to partner with Etchasoft for their digital needs marked a pivotal step in overcoming many challenges. The comprehensive solutions provided not only revitalized their website but also streamlined their operations, enhanced member engagement, and ensured a robust digital presence. This strategic partnership has set a new standard for how associations can leverage technology to serve their members better and advance their mission.